2 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

Our Golden Rules of Daily Life


1 - Use a car, but get the nicest house you can get.

2- Learn three paragraphs that you can understand at any time and in any environment

3- Do not delay your joy.

4- Choose a very good wife. Because this choice constitutes 90% of happiness or miscarriage.

5- Walk 30 minutes every day.

6- Thank you after every meal.

7 Think twice before telling a friend your secret.

8- Never criticize the people who signed the paycheck.

9- Fear of people who have nothing to lose.

10- Always have good things before your eyes.

11 - Live as children remember you when they hear the tradition.

12 - Allow yourself a year to read the book of religion in full.

13- Do not be the first one to leave you when you embrace.

14- Do not forget to drink 6 glasses of water per day.

15- Save the people who love you.

16 - Try everything to make the holiday with the family. These memories of the holidays, will be one of the most treasured memories of your life.

17- Do not do anything that you do not want done to yourself.

18- Evaluate the time when you are in success, you have inner peace, you are healthy and you are loved.

19- Remember that a good and successful marriage depends on two things: a) Finding the right person b) Being the right person.

20- When you want to criticize your parents, your wife and children,

. 21- Do something to make your marriage beautiful.

22- Do not underestimate the effect of goodness and goodness. Do not waste time thinking about the bad things in your life; Or you may be late to see the beauties

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